Gluten-Free Rainbow Cookies



There was a little shopping strip a few minutes walking distance from the house I grew up in. The usual suspects were there; a gas station on the corner, liquor store, Chinese takeout, tiny little diner, pizza place, deli and Italian bakery. We were allowed to walk over after school and would often grab a bite to eat at one of the shops. We always ended up at the Italian bakery for dessert. There was an older couple who owned it. They immigrated to the US and were absolutely adorable. All of the baked goods were delicious and they made homemade Italian ices in the summer.

The husband baked all day long and the wife worked at the counter. He sometimes came up front if she stepped out for a minute. I regularly bought the big butter cookie with a ton of mini chocolate chips on top. I loved rainbow cookies too. When the baker was up front, he would sneak me one or two for free. They were such pretty, sweet little bites of almond flavored layered cake enrobed in chocolate.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had rainbow cookies. I have been planning to make them for a while. They are a little bit of a project and require some time. Today was the day. I was giddy just thinking about taking a bite. I found the recipe here, on Bon Appétit and then just subbed in my own gluten-free four blend. You can use Cup4Cup, Bob’s 1 to 1 or your own favorite. The almond paste, butter and sugar ratios are well-balanced and make this a recipe a great candidate for adaptation.

I’m right back in that bakery from my childhood! Don’t forget to click here for the recipe and Happy Holidays!


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