Dining Out: South Edison, Montauk, NY (Girl’s Night)


These days, if you see me, I might seem a little frazzled, frenzied, scattered…I know. That’s because I am. Take me, a stay-at-home mom of three and add in school, blogging, creating a business and generally just starting to see so many amazing opportunities to learn and grow and taking advantage of them. I have no business doing this, you see. I was already very busy as a mom of three. (Poet and didn’t know it. Ha! I digress.)

So, what happens when my friend, Marcy reaches out with an invite “Girl’s night at my house in Amagansett next week?” Well, first, I think, “Nice! Can’t wait!” Then, I start to think “Can I take even more time for myself when I’m already involved in so many other things?” Then again, how can I resist a girl’s night? It’s actually just what I needed to decompress.  I checked with the boys (my 3 little ones and the big one, of course). The kids were pretty psyched to spend a night alone with dad. All the stars aligned and off to Amagansett we went.

It was a night. Just one Friday night. There were 8 of us going. My friend Claudia drove so I got to just sit back, relax and enjoy as we ventured about 2 1/2 hours into another little world out east. As we started to get close and go through the towns on the local highway, beautiful farms and windmills were the scenery along with gorgeous pumpkin patches and farmer’s markets. I kept thinking what an amazing fall weekend getaway this would be with the kids.

When we arrived at around 5pm, we brought some wine, veggies and a basket with fruit and homemade treats to the beach. It was pretty much just us there and we set up a blanket and a little beach table with all of our goodies. The Hamptons in September. Such a well kept secret.

I don’t know much about the dining scene out east. Marcy picked a restaurant for dinner, South Edison in Montauk. Casual, simple decor. Fresh menu that changes almost daily with many items sourced locally. Great cocktail list. I had the Basil, Pepper Gimlet. Sounds weird, I know but, actually genius. It was like a slightly spicy mojito without the sugar. Loved it! The menu looked perfect but, how would they deal with my gluten allergy? Wonderfully! So much so that I can push the issue aside and start telling you about the food!

Here’s what we ordered for apps: Curried Shishito Peppers (so good), Hamachi Crudo (fresh and delish), Jumbo Lump Crabmeat (extremely fresh but paled next to all of the other intense flavors), Fried Olives (everyone loved them but I didn’t try them because they were not gluten-free), Kale Chiffonade (nice, nutty, salad component) and Spicy Tuna BLT Chalupa (Ding, ding, ding! Winner! A-mazing!) We ordered seconds of the Olives, Kale and Spicy Tuna Chalupa!

The appetizers were so good! I didn’t think they could top them with dinner. When I received my Lemongrass Local Striped Bass a la Plancha, I was absolutely blown away! Served on a bed of jalapeno and corn purees, topped with a little crunch from a corn salsa mixed with red and purple peppers, daikon and cooked absolutely perfectly. Each bite caused an explosion of harmonious flavors in my mouth. Seriously. I was over-stimulated trying to identify and place all of them as I devoured my plate. The lemongrass finished it perfectly. I was happy. Very happy. And I wasn’t the only one. As I looked around, I noticed empty plates all around me. We all polished our plates.

The dessert option for me was a flourless chocolate cake. Ok, but no comparison to the other courses. We also ordered a sundae (not gf) with salted caramel ice cream. Sounded yummy but the buzz around the table was it was a little too salty. Oh well, they are forgiven. I would definitely go back for dinner. Check out the Hamptons in the fall. Bring the kids or go with your friends and relax on the beach quietly. Eat out at a casual, yet stunningly delicious restaurant, South Edison in Montauk.

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