Dining Out: Mima Vinoteca, Irvington, NY


Mima Vinoteca is an Italian Trattoria in Irvington, NY. Before I was diagnosed with Celiac, I had gone there many times with friends and family and always found the food to be consistently delicious and the staff attentive. In addition, they really took care of us when we dined out with our kids who have peanut, nut and sesame allergies.  We loved it!

Shortly after I was diagnosed with Celiac, a group of friends and I went to Mima for dinner. I was hesitant about the choice. Gluten free and Italian food just didn’t seem like the best combination. Would a restaurant with breadcrumbs and pasta all over the place really be able, know how or be interested in accommodating my new dietary restrictions?

I was amazed by the experience. When I sat down, I advised the waiter I would need to have gluten free foods. He assured me he understood and they would be able to take care of it. We were a party of 10 and asked the waiter to choose and bring out appetizers for us. Shortly thereafter they presented us with a beautiful selection of salumi (cured Italian meats) and formaggi (cheeses) displayed on a wood cutting board, a fabulous polenta with pancetta, a large insalati (salad) some eggplant rollatini and polpettone (meatball). The owner, John, came to the table to explain what everything was and point out all of the items he assured me were gluten free which was everything but the eggplant and polpettone.

I was very happy and fulfilled with my choices and appreciative that they went out of their way to take the extra step and give me their assurances.  I knew at that point that I didn’t need to worry and the rest of the meal was a delight for all of us. Our main courses were terrific and when it came time for dessert, the owner came back to me again to tell me they had a flourless chocolate cake and chestnut custard, which were both gluten free. We ordered those 2 for the table in addition to their fantastic bombolini (Italian donuts), which I couldn’t eat but, had eaten before my celiac diagnosis. Once again, it didn’t matter because I was plenty happy with my other two options.

One more note on the dessert. Chestnut custard is probably not something I would have ever ordered pre-celiac. As I have mentioned before, I am pretty much a chocolate freak and with few exceptions, I would rarely order a dessert that didn’t have some chocolate in it. That caramelized chestnut custard was amazing! Probably the winner on the table for most of us that night. I wouldn’t get it while there with my kids who have nut allergies (they have chocolate and vanilla gelato for them) but any other time that would be the dessert I order. I guess being gluten free isn’t so bad. It has definitely opened me up to some new options. I have since become a very loyal customer to Mima Vinoteca and would highly recommend them to anyone who may have food allergies or celiac disease.

I was so appreciative of how accommodating they were and when I thanked John, the owner, he said it was easy for them to do since they make everything from scratch in their restaurant and know all of the ingredients that go into each menu item. Check out Mima Vinoteca next chance you get http://www.mimarestaurant.com/kitchen.html . I always recommend calling in advance to give them a heads up on your restrictions, which should allow them to prepare and take even better care of you. Happy Dining!

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Photo credit to LINDSAY BURDICK WITT  in Westchester Magazine 

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