Dining Out: Del Frisco’s NYC


Del Frisco’s on 49th and 6th is one of my favorite steakhouses in the city. Something about the way they cook the meat…I’m guessing it has lots of butter melted on top. They also have an insane avocado ranch dressing for their house salad topped with thick cut bacon. Yum!!!

We’ve been there with the kids a few times and they have always done a pretty nice job managing their allergies. I went again recently without the kids, after being diagnosed with celiac. Once again, they handled it very well. Double checked all ingredients. Made sure it was only gluten and not a nut allergy since almonds were on the asparagus, and advised the sauce for the salmon did have flour but they could remove it and make it gluten free, etc. My only gripe this time was with the salad. The first one they gave me was a plate full of brown, old lettuce! How is it possible that could have gotten out of a high-end kitchen like Del Frisco’s?

My server, Bret, checked in on us shortly after we got our appetizers and since I’m not much of a complainer, I said all was fine.  He stopped and said; “that didn’t really sound fine, what’s wrong?” I showed him the salad and he took it away, insisted on making a new one. When I didn’t finish it before the meal came, he then had a brand new one made and wrapped it up for me to take home with leftovers! So sweet! Not only did he handle the situation so well but I guess the fact I was focused on a salad instead of being worried they were getting things right in the kitchen regarding my dietary restrictions says a lot about the restaurant and how they handle food allergies!

The rest of the meal was fantastic. If you are ever in Times Square for a show or just interested in grabbing a classic steakhouse dinner in NYC, swing through Del Frisco’s. They offer a prix fix every day from 4:30-6:30pm. If you are not on an investment banking expense account, that is probably the only way their food is reasonably priced! The 3-course meal includes soup or salad, filet mignon or salmon with potatoes and greens as well as a dessert, which is a choice of cheesecake, chocolate mousse or ice cream. If you do go, ask for Bret as your server. Congratulate him too, because he told us he was expecting his 1st child any day!

Happy Dining!

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