Charred Ramps and a 6-Minute Egg on Toast

Ramps are everywhere right now. The season is short-lived and once it’s over, you probably won’t see any again until next Spring. The food world goes a little crazy over this species of wild onions and if you follow any food magazines or restaurants on Instagram you have likely seen a photo or two of bunches of wild ramps or dishes featuring the popular foraged ingredient. If you live in the Northeast, you should be able to find some ramps at your local farmers market. If you are unable to find any in your area then feel free to sub scallions into this recipe.

I actually got this bundle from Fresh Direct. Pretty, right? The flavor is insane. Very similar to garlic though a bit less pungent. I would say ramps are to garlic as scallions are to onions. That should help you understand the flavor profile if you haven’t tried any before. They are great in so many preparations and here is a link to several recipes using ramps as the feature ingredient. I thought about making a ramp pesto, some ramp risotto or even a quiche with ramps but, in the end, I just decided to char them in my cast iron skillet, put some on a slice of gluten-free toast and top with a deliciously runny boiled egg. Some flaky sea salt and red pepper sprinkled on for good measure at the end too. Ramps

Feel free to improvise however you like. Want a hard-boiled egg instead of a runny one? Go for it. Want to shirk the boiled egg altogether and top with one that is fried? Go crazy! Just be sure to try some ramps this season if you can get your hands on them. You will be doing a happy food dance. Trust me.

I’m not going to write out a recipe here. Just some guidelines since I think you can manage this one on your own. You don’t need any oil in your skillet to char the ramps. Just heat them over medium-high heat until beginning to blacken a bit and then turn over until the same thing happens on the other side. Toast your bread first, especially if it is gluten-free. Tastes so much better that way. Oh and the hardest part is getting the egg cooked right. Here is a guide from Bon Appetit Magazine.  One more thing, if I could pick the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, this would be it! Easy for anyone including the kids to pull of and special enough to make mom feel celebrated. Just sayin’…

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